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Books Of Albion- A Rebours

Como no sé si ya sabreis, Pete es muy dado a tener diarios personales, pero no esa clase de diarios en los que se empieza con el famoso ''Querido Diario...'', más bien son  denomidados, o yo por lo menos siempre los he conocido así, diarios artísticos. En ellos podrás encontrar  letras de canciones, poemas, bocetos,fotos,recortes... en fin, de todo. El primer diario que he subido se titula A Rebours, espero que os guste!
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Prison Diary

Como ya sabreis, en 2006 Pete Doherty fué encarcelado 13 noches después de ser condenado por posesion de drogas en 7 ocasiones. Durante ese breve periodo en el que estuvo en prisión escribió unos pequeños párrafos.

January 28
The story starts here with a slap in the mush from some unsympathetic magistrate. I'm banged up in Pentonville with more than a tailor's dozen charges on me tail. God knows why: the band should be smashing up the Toon, Glasgae and Shepherd's Bush this weekend and instead I'm birded off on remand after a slow clucking duck walk (sitting too) through the bowels of Bethnal Green nick, Thames magistrates and now da 'ville. Innit bleeding marvellous?
January 29
I see paint-cracked walls stained with shite
Long long lock-up days
Cold lonely nights
And I think to myself ... what a wonderful world
I see men touching fists
Saying "watcha bruv"
Screams from below
Shit parcels from above
And I think to myself ...
I see my true love
On a Rimmel advert
January 30
I think I only needed something to hold on to. It has never been about depravity. It's always been about melody. But melody and I met in many depraved situations. Meeting melody is the victory of the empty spiralling nightmare.
February 1
Another cup of tea and the drilling continues. Another unthrilling day and my tooth aches like fuckery. Caught by my own stupidity I'd wager. At least I've got me own Peter [cell] for a while. Oh well, small mercies, small mercies. First time I've had a telly in me cell, watching prime minister's question time. A lot of hot air if ever there was any ... Stone me what a life. Hear, hear.
At the wobbly legged table in me little Peter. Still waiting for the jingle jangle of the gaoler's bangle. Court on the 8th and hoping for bail. Even life without drugs has gotta be betta than this malarkey. Babyshambles all set to take over as well. Won't do it again honest guv ... Oh yes you will Doherty and you know it. Still, if I'm on a DRR [drug rehabilitation requirement] and being tested there ain't no way round it I suppose. Get to grips with the idea that it is eating away at your money, your love and your life.
February 2
They could so easy take the time and space here and now to make a fine example of me. Many are in the same position I'm sure and worse. Ah, those sirens again all day, someone being taken off the road. I still hear the voices, yeah, loud and clear. They don't like it because I'm weak. I've been doing press-ups though, and they're letting us have the pool balls just now - alright.
"Might as well win" "two shots" "Chalky innit, where's Jimmy? Who?" I thought I was living just then. An exhilaration of a place taut with atmosphere and white potted black. Spunk in the shower-room. I wait and wait and then get in the hot spray. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a clean junky. There's a hammering outside and some echoing laughter, beeps and slamming, clanging squeaks and banging.
I'll do my hair a-while, and even make my bed. Top bunk, yellow fire blankets aplenty coz I've been on the lookout see. Even nabbed a rare old prison shirt off a passing trolley, a boiled egg and a nice blue prison vest. To say nothing of the many packets of Butler I just found on the side. Baccy down me sock, someone says something a little out of sway, a stranger in all dark non-prison clobber is opposite my open cell door flashing his watch in my direction he was. Later that day ... Felt like freak show with a host of people at my cell door screaming and whooping like apes. DOHERTY! It's him! DOHERTY! DOHERTY! Oi!
February 3
Things that break up the day in fits and starts: food, medication, showers, a game of pool if you're lucky, walking in circles round the yard. A legal visit, or any visit. I'm doing 10 press-ups at a time, not with great ease at the moment ... I'll come out of here fitter and stronger than in a longer time. Later that morning ... Shot a few rounds of pool including a thrashing by one of the nurses. Can't believe there's a telly in me room cell. Compensates a bit for the cold I 'spose. Can't complain at all really.
This is the largest prison in the country and in some ways one of the most modern. I've certainly never come across anywhere as clean or spacious as this, why, in all my days at her Majesty's pleasure. Shame only one of the eight showers work, but it was a joy to hear the sprinkle in me ears and the steam on my body just now. Someone, and again someone else, asks how I came up with the name Babyshambles and so I think back to Denholme days and "oh deary me why is it always such a Babyshambles?" "I wonder where you are now..."
February 5
Am I ever so mistaken or - oh distraction from some demonic banging by a fellow incarcerated soul - is that the sun spreading its wares all over the looming wing? Can't be much fun for whoever's reading this. Basically the plot goes like this: I'm in nick and it's doing me nut in and that's it. The whimsical melody of an old film is of no consequence. Nor the inmate's arm, bloody from self-inflicted scars, poking out of the cell to receive a nurse's attention.
For my own sake - because it feels like they have the power to cut off my head - I must become a hero, organise my life and obtain from it what they deny me. If I live, in order to continue to live with myself, I must have more talent than the most exquisite poet. These people can only put up with the tamed heroes - they don't know about heroism.

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Si el tercer album de The Libertines se grabase...

Según fuentes de DNA, el próximo album de The Libertines sería mucho más romantico que los dos anteriores. Junto con esta afirmación y otras más sigue sin estar muy claro del todo que la banda grabe un nuevo disco pero, una cosa ha quedado clara desde los conciertos realizados este verano, y es que la banda se sintió como si no hubiese pasado nada y en resumidas cuentas, todo era muy buen rollo.¡Seguiremos a la espera!
Aqui os dejo los quotes de Carl Bârat de la noticia:

"I don't know if I'll make a second solo album or a third Libertines record next, but there will be a new Libertines record at some point,"
"Being on stage with Peter again was amazing. It felt right being reunited - like it was always meant to be,"
"I think a new Libertines album will be more romantic than the first two,"  

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Estoy con el ordenador reparando y sin internet así que estaré una temporada sin actualizar. =(

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¡Todo un gentleman!

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The Road To Albion Trailer

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Who The Fuck / Hell Is Pete Doherty? DVD

  • Director: Roger Pomphrey
  • Idioma:Ingles
  • Subtitulos: NO tiene subtitulos*
  • Año: Junio 2006
  • Duración: 74 minutos
Principalmente fué titulado ''Who The Fuck Is Pete Doherty?'' pero finalmente fué cambiado por ''Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?''

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*A día de hoy sigo sin encontrar subtitulos en castellano, si alguien los tiene ayudaría muchisimo.¡Gracias de antemano!

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Sequía de noticias relevantes :(

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Pete Doherty-Untitled

Grabaciones en acústico de Pete.

01You Can't Stand Me
02Pipey Magregor
03Music When The Lights Go Out
04The Whole World Is Our Playground
07Black Boy Lane
08Scouser In Space
09Ballad Of Grimaldi
10Love Rain O'er Me/Saga
12Stix And Stones
13My Darling Clementine
14Curtain Call
15Don't Look Back Into The_Sun
16I_Love You But You're Green
17If You Fall

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Pete Doherty - Ballad Of Grimaldi

Aqui os dejo un video de la cancion Ballad of Grimaldi, merece mucho la pena ver la actuacion completa.
Feliz fin de semana!

''Show me what you love and ill destroy it, for love just crumbles in my hand.''

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The Libertines en NME (Agosto&Septiembre 2010)

The Libertines han sido portada de la revista británica MNE, aquí os dejo las páginas escaneadas de la edición de Agosto y el link de la pagina oficial de NME en la que se puede leer el artículo completo de Septiembre (está en la página 26) y si os parece más cómodo leerlo desde ahí tambien está la edición de Agosto.

 Link revista MNE septiembre 2010 AQUI                                                             

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