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The Libertines Babyshambles Sessions (2003)

Disco 1

01. Babyshambles (Version 1)
02. Road To Ruin
03. Babyshambles (Version 2)
04. Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Version 1)
05. What Katie Did
06. Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Version 2)
07. Last Post On The Bugle
08. Untitled
09. Back From The Dead
10. The Man Who Would Be King
11. I Got Sweets (Instrumental)
12. All At Sea (Version 1)
13. All At Sea (Version 2)
14. Do You Know Me? (I Don't Think So)
15. Campaign Of Hate
16. Pipey Magraw
17. In Love With A Feeling (Version 1)
18. Untitled (Instrumental)
19. In Love With A Feeling (Version 2)
20. I Love You (But You're Green)
21. Marry Go Round (That Bowery Song)

Disco 2

01. Albion (Version 1)
02. Albion Intro (Instrumental)
03. Albion (Version 2)
04. France (Version 1)
05. France (Version 2)
06. France (Version 3)
07. The Good Old Days
08. Skag & Bone Man
09. Untitled 1
10. Untitled 2
11. Untitled (Instrumental)
12. What A Waster [1]
13. Who's Got The Crack? [2]
14. Lots And Lots Of Songs (Session Medley) [3]
15. Lots Of Songs (Session Medley) [4]

[1] Feat Adam Green
[2] The Moldy Peaches cover
[3] Incluye: "What A Waster", "The Ha Ha Wall", "I Love You (But You're Green)", "Calling All" [The La's], "Son Of A Gun" [The La's], "The Guns Of Brixton" [The Clash], "Don't Be Shy", "Time For Heroes", "Albion", "The Blinding", "Deep Pile Dreams"[Ian Brown], "Rubber Ring"[The Smiths], "Well I Wonder" [The Smiths], "The Delaney", "Everyday Is Like Sunday" [Morrissey], "Timeless Melody" [The La's], "Huckleberry Grove" [Ocean Colour Scene], "Road To Ruin" y "Back From The Dead"
[4] Incluye: "Back From The Dead", "Jeane", "From Bollywood To Battersea", "Dilly Boys" y "Black Boy Lane"

Disco 3

01. Playing With The Piano
02. I Got Sweets
03. Libertines do Coral:
Dreaming of You (The Coral)/
New Love Grows on Trees/
I Remember When (The Coral)/
You're My Waterloo/
04. Untitled 304

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